A 2019 Australian Federal Election Policy Guide










Source https://www.aph.gov.au/~/media/05%20About%20Parliament/52%20Sen/Seating%20plan/Senate%20Seating%20Plan.jpg?&la=en


Looking at the make up of the Australian Government senate as it stand ahead of the 2019 election, it is reassuring to note that what we are yet to see in Australia is the rise of extreme left wing and right wing ‘populist’ parties which win government, come close to it, or have a strong numerical position which a major party is forced to negotiate with to form a ‘minority government", Germany for example.  


However, what we saw following a double dissolution election in 2019 was the influx of extreme right wing Senators which the major party government was forced to negoitate with in order to pass legislation and govern effectively. 


The introduction of the extreme right-wing Cori Bernadi Australian Conservatives and the revival of the populist Pauline Hanson One Nation Party may be indicative of the beginning of such a political evolution in Australia. Along with them comes the Fraser Anning's National Conservatives party hoping to enter the senate in 2019, a party  with connections to white supremacist bloggers who refer to him as "King Anning".


Such an evolution may begin in the senate, blocking effective goverment and then spread to the House of Representatives where the formation of government's are decided.


As Murphy observed, not yet are these extremist parties popular outside Australia, but they are on our shores.  The Guardian Katharine Murphy foretold a future where this western democracy trend will come to our shores-  


“Australia has not succumbed to the populism shaking other western democracies. But the major parties know they are on borrowed time. In international terms, Australia is a beacon, a country with a thriving economy and a political system that has not yet turned entirely on itself and succumbed to the populist forces rolling democracies elsewhere. Still, 2018 was a brutal year in national affairs. Public opinion polls suggest an electoral rout looms for the Coalition. The trend has been stubbornly negative. The government has not won a poll since the 2016 election”.  



Katharine observed that Australia’s often bitterly contested public square is afflicted by the same loss of trust in establishment politicians evidenced in other western democracies.  


She pointed to recent research from the Museum of Australian Democracy which shows satisfaction with democracy has more than halved over the past decade. For the two major parties in Australian politics, “voter disaffection has become the opponent”.  


Once the ramparts of the Australian political system, the major parties have undermined their own stability, which has helped fuel the rise of insurgents. Australian voters have certainly become less inclined to exhibit partisan loyalties.  


Voters are also showing interest in what Katharine called “political disruptors – mainly non-aligned independents now contesting elections in growing numbers with increasing professionalism”.  


Recent close elections stripped sitting Prime Ministers of authority within the Labor and Liberal cabinets. Katharine was pointing to the fact Julia Gillard and Malcolm Turnbull consequently experienced internal insurgencies, “further fuelling the now infamous “coup culture” that has manifested in Canberra for the best part of a decade, which is amplifying community disaffection”.  


Source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/dec/26/how-the-coalitions-panic-over-polls-set-the-stage-for-a-radical-reshaping-of-australian-politics.

Cross Bench Senate Members


A senator is a member of the Australian Senate, elected to represent a state or territory. There are 76 senators, 12 from each state and two each from the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.


Prior to the 2019 election there are 18 “cross-bench” Senators in the Parliament.


That is, senators who are not members of the two major parties in the senate, the Australian Labor Party (26 seats) and the Coalition (31 seats). The last seat of 76 normally present is ‘vacant’ following the resignation of Australian Greens cross-bench senator Andrew Bartlett in Queensland.


Neither the Coalition or Australian Labor Party are likely to win enough senate seats across the country in the 2019 election to have a senate majority of 39 seats. Therefore,  whoever wins government in 2019 will have to negotiate legislation proposals with 'cross bench' senate members to acheive their policy goals. Without such cross-bench  cooperation, we get a 'puppet government' - a government whose policy agenda is repeatedly blocked by a Senate pulling the government's strings.  The make up of the senate numbers is critical to effective government in Australia. 




Timothy Storer: Independent cross-bench senator for South Australia

Discussed in this chapter.


Fraser Anning: Conservative Nationals cross-bench senator for Queensland

Discussed in this chapter.


Derryn Hinch Social Justice party: 1 cross-bench senator for Victoria

Discussed in this chapter.


United Australia Party: 1 cross - bench senator for New South Wales

Discussed in this chapter.


Australian Greens party: 8 cross-bench senators.

 See chapter on Australian Greens.


Pauline Hanson One Nation Party: 2 cross-bench senators.

See chapter on Pauline Hanson One Nation Party


Centre Alliance Party: 2 cross-bench senators.

See chapter on Centre Alliance Party


Australian Conservatives party: 1 cross- bench senator for South Australia

See chapter on Australian Conservatives party.


Liberal Democratic party: 1 cross-bench senator for New South Wales


Senator David Leyonhjelm is resigning to pursue a State government politics career. The LDP have no chance of winning a senate seat again [on current history] until a double dissolution election occurs.





Liberal Party ex cross-bench senators: 1 senator for South Australia

Discussed in this chapter


Nationals party ex cross-bench senators: 1 senator Tasmania.

Discussed in this chapter




Jacqui Lambie - Jackie Lambie Network TAS

Discussed in this chapter.


Larissa Waters - Australian Greens QLD

See Australian Greens chapter.


Skye  Moore - Centre Alliance SA

See Centre Alliance chapter 


Malcolm Roberts - Pauline Hanson One Nation party QLD

See Pauline Hanson chapter




 Tim Storer: Independent senator in South Australia


 [ex Nick Xenephon Team]


Tim Storer replaced Skye Kakoschke-Moore, left the Party and became an Independent. Storer won 189 votes as number 4 Nick Xenephon Team senate ticket holder for SA (230,703 votes) when 12 seats were in play in 2016.


He did not secure a seat at the election. Storer was overlooked when the team policy advisor [not on the ticket] was given a senate seat after Xenephon resigned.


When the third successful candidate was disqualified, he took the matter to the High court along with the Attorney General and won the right to claim the seat.


In 2019 only six seats will be in play - requiring 182,951 + votes to make the Quota for a seat in SA in 2019-


Storer has no hope of retaining his Senate seat as an Independent and is unwelcome at Centre Alliance after a controversial High Court battle. Storer will be looking for a new career path in 2019. See also CENTRE ALLIANCE chapter and BIG PICTURE chapter.


Source: https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1049463982606573568/si7MPqlb_400x400.jpg



The Fraser Anning's Conservative National party Facebook begs the question  




Who is Fraser Anning?




"Senator Anning grew up in north-west Queensland on Wetherby Station, near the isolated outback town of Richmond. He is the great-grandson of colonial-era settlers who emigrated from Britain to establish a cattle station west of what is now Charters Towers. He has been a grazier, a jackeroo, a publican, a gas pipeline worker, a bush pilot and served in the 49th Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment.


Senator Anning came to international attention over his call for a return to a predominantly European immigration program and his calls for a ban on further Muslim and black African migrants.


He is a strong advocate of traditional Christian values, Australian ownership of agriculture and industry, radical banking reform, private gun ownership and major rural infrastructure development, in particular the visionary Bradfield scheme.


He is also a strident critic of the UN and the usurpation of Australian democratic government by UN treaties. Although described as a “far right” politician by his critics, Senator Anning’s views are closely aligned with those of former Australian Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies. “That anyone could call the views of the founder of the Liberal Party ‘extreme’ shows just how far Australia has lurched to the left since the 1970s,” .


Source: Fraser Annings’s Conservative National party facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/conservativenationals/



Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party  


Fraser Anning began his senate career in Queensland following the disqualification of Pauline Hanson One Nation senator Malcom Roberts.


Anning originally won 19 votes as number 3 Pauline Hanson One Nation party senate ticket holder for QLD (250,126) when 12 seats were in play in the 2016 election.  Anning controversially resigned from the Pauline Hanson One Nation party immediately after replacing disqualified Malcolm Roberts.


In 2018, Anning was invited to join the Katter Australians party by founder Bob Katter, an offer he accepted. However, he was dis-endorsed only a few weeks later after he made a Nazi Germany likened "final solution" policy proposal.


Mr Katter said Senator Anning had been booted because of a bill he introduced against party wishes proposing a plebiscite on restricting non-European immigration and banning Muslim migrants."Clearly that is racist - clearly our policies are anti-racist," he said. KAP's policy is to preference migrants who will integrate into Australian society.


Source: Bevan Shields & Michael Koziol.Bob Katter sacks controversial senator Fraser Anning months after 'final solution' speech. Sydney Morning Herald. 25 October 2018



Later in  2018,  then Independent Anning announced intentons to register a new party with the Australian Electoral Commission, the Fraser Anning Conservative National Party.Controversial Senator Fraser Anning’s plans to launch a self-styled political party has a problem. A Nationals party court challenge could mean his new entity will not be be registered in time to contest the 2019 federal election.


Sydney Morning Herald reporter Max Koslowski noted on 11 January 2019 that -


"The independent senator, who received 19 first preference votes at the 2016 election when he ran under One Nation's banner, will likely face a challenge from the Nationals over the likeness between its name and that of his new party. Electoral laws say that if one party's title "so nearly resembles the name" of another political party or if a reasonable voter is led to falsely believe there is a connection between two different parties based on their names, it can be struck down by the Australian Electoral Commission'


Source: Max Koslowski. Fraser Anning's new party name to face challenge from the Nationals. SMH 11 January 2019. 



The National Party have recorded their concern over the proposed registration of a new "Fraser Anning’s Conservative National" political party by Senator Fraser Anning, who attended a Victorian rally organised by some of Australia's most prominent neo-nazis in the lead up to the next federal election.


National Party federal director Ben Hindmarsh accused Mr Anning of piggybacking off their success.


"We are concerned when anyone tries to ride on the coat tails of The Nationals hard work and success at getting a fair share for regional Australia by incorporating our name in any proposed new Party. Voters know this is deception and that's why The Nationals would oppose any trickiness to deceive the electorate in this way."


The naming convention of the new party appears to be borrowed heavily from the same handbook the Liberal Democrats Party used to propel leader David Leyonhjelm into the senate during the 2013 election. Before then, the party was known as the "Liberty and Democracy Party" and experienced little success but the change in name, which promoted confusion between the Liberal Democrats and the more popular Liberal Party, and fortunate spot at the front of the ballot paper changed their fortunes.


A spokesman for Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party denied there was an intention to confuse voters, despite the notice stating the abbreviation of the party would be


"The Conservative Nationals", because the of the National Party's coalition government with the Liberal Party. Given the performance of the current National Party leader [NSW MP Micheal McCormack] and his support for the left wing Turnbull and Morrison liberal governments, it seems highly unlikely that anyone would confuse the national party with a conservative party," 


Source: Lucas Baird The Nationals Party express concern over new Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party Australian Financial Review. 11 Jan 2019 — 7:31 PM,https://www.afr.com/news/politics/fraser-anning-registers-fraser-annings-conservative-national-party-20190111-h19ym9


Anning courted more controversy by charging the Australian tax-payer thousands of dollars to travel to Melbourne for a ‘rally’ including white supremacist neo-Nazi skin heads in January 2019 to ‘represent’ his 19 constituents. 




Anyone thinking Anning would take his 19 voters with him and disappear into the political wilderness will find he has much more than 19 loyal supporters.


The most prolific supporters of Mr Anning on the web is the XYZ News blog which refers to him at “King Anning”, takes credit for drawing attention Mr. Anning’s Facebook page which “went from zero to nearly 10,000 likes in a week” and praises his attendance at a controversial Melbourne beach rally against “African gangs” and “Muslim immigration” in Victoria.


Boasting 14,594 subscribers, the XYZ website ABOUT US section XYZ explains that it



“caters to the needs of the population of Australia which believes in free speech, free markets, and unselfconsciously acknowledges our place in Western civilisation and culture. Learn why XYZ is the news YOU have been waiting for here



The leader writer of ‘News’ and articles is David Hiscox.


David has studied history and political science at Melbourne University. His thesis was written on how the utilisation of Missile Defence can help to achieve nuclear disarmament. His interest in history was piqued by playing a flight simulator computer game about the Battle of Britain, and he hopes to one day siphon the earnings from his political writings into funding the greatest prog-rock concept album the world has ever seen”.


It does not take long perusing the site to recognise that “free speech” is code for unfettered discriminatory hate speech.


From this world view, everyone gets thrown under the ‘hate speech’ bus except white, heterosexual males willing to turbo charge racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia to an extreme [perhaps even violent] level. Sympathetic women are not subject to hate speech, primarily because you have to sleep with somebody and in this world it must be a woman.


In Australia, particular attention is given to Muslim immigrants, African youth “gangs”, LGBTIQ+ people, ‘aboriginal people” and Australia’s Jewish community.


In January 2019, lead writer David Hiscox was complaining about Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party Facebook page being taken down by Facebook for the second time.


According to Hiscox, a spokesman from Senator Anning’s office offered this response 


“Once again Facebook is staying true to its modus operandi: censor all conservative viewpoints or opinions that are unpalatable to the left. This is the second time Senator Anning has had a Facebook page deleted, and once again Mr Zuckerberg is saying to the Australian public I will decide what you can and cannot listen to. As Senator Anning highlighted last time his page was removed a fundamental tenet of any liberal democracy is free speech. Supressing someone’s view or opinion just because you may disagree with them amounts to nothing more than rank socialism.”


Source: David Hiscox. Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party Facebook Page has disappeared January 21, 2019. XYZ News.


Hiscox refers the reader to colleague Matty’s Modern Life who wrote


“Silencing conservatives, nationalists and other non-Leftists but allowing far-Left terrorist organisations, like Antifa, is an explicit endorsement of those organisations .If Facebook will not provide a free and unfettered platform for all political voices, it must be forced to by government regulation”.


An example of Matty’s Modern Life “political voices” is this homophobic cartoon characterisation below-

Source : https://www.minds.com/MattysModernLife

Building a mainstream media Profile


Fraser Anning is seeking to expand public profile in the hard-right-wing political space through XYZ, his Facebook page mainstream media by attending what essentially are white supremacist rallies and making outrageous claims about African and Muslim immigrants.


For example, he argues that Australia's immigration minister should be elected directly by the people, and separately from the rest of the government. He thinks a directly elected immigration minister would best to do the job.


“I have introduced it twice into Parliament yet both major parties don't want the public to have a say. I challenge the Prime Minister to allow the Australian people not faceless bureaucrats the right to decide who comes here”.


Senator Anning had wondered throughout 2018 how he would get re-elected, telling the Townsville Bulletin in November it would be hard because he wasn't so well known.



He has raised his profile significantly since then, flying business class to the extreme right-wing racist rally in Melbourne to


represent ordinary Australians who say we have had enough of that violent behaviour. It’s not racist to want a safe neighbourhood for your family and live in a terrorist free city. It is however racist to import thousands of third world criminals who hate Australians, our culture and have no respect for our laws.”


ALP senate leader Penny Wong urged Australians to reject senator Anning's extremist views at the election '


"under whatever name they are wrapped in. The real question is whether the Liberals and Nationals will preference him, as they have done with One Nation, or join Labor in putting extremists like him last."


Source: SBS News Australia: Senator Fraser Anning registers new party - the Conservative Nationals https://www.sbs.com.au/news/senator-fraser-anning-registers-new-party-the-conservative-nationals


Senator Pauline Hanson wished Senator Anning luck with his new party, saying voters should "see the sense" and vote One Nation to "have someone on the floor of Parliament who's got the guts to say what they're thinking".


I am thinking we have all heard enough from Fraser Anning and about Fraser Anning at this point in his infamous political career. 


Source: Max Koslowski. Fraser Anning's new party name to face challenge from the Nationals. SMH 11 January 2019. https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/fraser-anning-s-new-party-name-to-face-challenge-from-the-nationals-20190111-p50qsg.html .




A man who only got in to the senate because he happened to be third on the PHON ticket in 2016 and the 2nd was disqualified has good reason to wonder how he will get re-elected in his own party or as an independent with 19 constituents in his  pocket. His appeal to the white supremacist genre of the Australian electorate can only take him so far.   As noted in the BIG PICTURE chapter, Anning has no chance of re-election in 2019.


Source: https://www.justiceparty.com.au/assets/Uploads/General/_resampled/ResizedImageWzYwMCwyNzld/working-with-victoria2.JPG





Here is one politician whose reputation definitely preceded him long before he became a senator. He has been a long-term champion of child abuse victims above all else, a passion that saw him imprisoned for his persistent and uncompromising exposure of paedophiles across Australia.


He has also been a champion of law and order and the inadequate responses of government bodies to the prevalence and horror of domestic violence in the Australian community and, more recently as a Senator, all things Victorian.


A letter written to his political supporters on the party website in January 2018 offer a neat synopsis of what he is about and what peaks his political interests when he sits in the Senate and outside of it





" 15 January 2018 working with victoria2 Happy New Year! It’s easy to say, but we all know people for whom the year does not shape up as “happy”. In 2018, I hope the Justice Party can keep working to reduce those numbers"


The Achievement list included in this reveiw of 2017 included 


- The passport ban on convicted paedophiles, travelling overseas on child rape holidays, was our biggest victory;


- McDonalds changing their hiring policy to block convicted sex offenders.


- The TGA ban on the use of transvaginal mesh for prolapse procedures. That all started with a Senate speech in which I said the mesh was the biggest medical scandal involving Australian women since Thalidomide. I was wrong: Thalidomide affected 200 Australian babies. Mesh has crippled between 15,000 and 20,000 Australian women. And some men, after hernia operations and 


- Prime Minister Turnbull and Opposition Leader Shorten agreering that  Mr Hinch should chair a joint parliamentary committee as a watchdog over the national redress scheme for institutionalised child abuse victims.


“ That starts later in the year. The sooner the better. This issue is so important, especially for Victoria. It is why we launched the Justice Party in Ballarat in 2016”.


Another recurring theme is advocacy for the state of Victoria. Hinch tells his readers


You may have seen several vehicles with our ‘Working for Victoria’ magnets out and about. If you are a truckie and would like a couple please email us”.


Hinch also highlights the “African gang crisis” in Victoria.


"Sadly, it is nothing new. If you have seen the JP Facebook page, I did a story for Ch.7 News, In October 2012, in which I identified those gangs and went out to Springvale to talk to worried Sudanese community leaders. That was more than five years ago".


Hinch concludes with this - 


Those gangs, and law and order, will be major issues in the Victorian state election in November. Some critics of our new party have rightly pointed out that some issues – bail reform, parole reform, and minimum sentences – are largely state issues. That is why we will be standing Justice Party candidates in many electorates in November”


Source: Derryn Hinch Justice Party Website. New Year Message https://www.justiceparty.com.au/newsroom/happy-new-year/


Foray into State Politics


Having been successful in winning a Senate seat for Victoria in 2016, Hinch developed an expansion plan for the party brand that included both Federal and State government politics.


At the 2018 State Government election, the Derryn Hinch Social Justice Party won three of 11 available Upper House seats. However, before they were sworn in, the female seat winner Catherine Cumming announced she would quit the party and sit as an independent.


The former western suburbs councillor and two-time mayor of Maribyrnong had a falling-out with the party that appears to have been brewing for weeks. She told the ABC she was quitting because she did not win the vote to lead the party, despite having more than two decades of political experience in local government.


Party leader Hinch responded-


"I think she is a very good woman and a very good candidate, but you can't be black mailed and I couldn't do it to other candidates, so I had to pull the pin. I'm very sad about it. I call it the Cory Bernardi syndrome. He was elected as a Liberal and then betrayed his party."


Source: Richard Willingham. Derryn Hinch's Justice Party loses one of its three Victorian Upper House MPs. ABC News Online 18 December 2018. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-18/derryn-hinch-justice-party-loses-catherine-cumming-victoria/10631928 Federal Government Issues


In summary, what we have here is a centrist Victorian patriot thinking and acting like an Independent who can not be relied upon to support either a Coalition or Australian Labor Party agenda. Hinch as a politician is as unpredictable, outspoken and uncompromising as he was in a range of other career paths before entering Parliament as a senator. 


On the one hand he buys into the "African gangs crisis" discourse often espoused by the right wing thinkers such as Cori Bernadi, Fraser Anning, the Democratic Liberal Party, Pauline Hanson One Nation Party and the Coalition. 


On the other hand, Hinch joined the Australian Labor Party and the Australian Greens amongst others in rejecting the proposed tax cuts to businesses with an income above $50 million-  a proposal all the above mentioned supported. 




Like other minor parties who benefited from a double dissolution election which roughly halved the 'qouta' number of votes a candidate had to acheive to win one of 12 seats for each state [normally only 6] , Derryn Hinch won a seat in Victoria.


The Derryn Hinch Social Justice Party received 211,733 first preference votes for 6.0 percent of the state wide 2,500,237 formal votes. The quota in Victoria in 2016 was 269,250 which left Hinch relying on preferences from eliminated candidates to win the 10th of 12 available senate seats ahead of a second Australian Green and another Liberal candidate who won the last two places. 


In effect, Hinch (6.0 percent) had finished fourth on the senate primary vote behind the Coalition (33.1 percent), the Australian Labor Party (30.9 percent) and the Australian Greens (10.8 percent). 


Source: Australian Electoral Commission. Senate election results 2016. Victoria. 



For 2019, the senate race reverts to six available seats which means Hinch will have to retain his seat in a tougher environment.  The quota doubles what was needed in 2016. The consenus view of most of the election 'experts' I have read is that he will win the last of 6 seats ahead of an Australian Greens candidate as he did winning the 10th seat in 2016. See the BIG PICTURE chapter for more information. 





Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/image/7923704-3x2-340x227.jpg

Former Pauline Hanson loyalist Brian Burston was elected as a NSW senator under the Pauline Hanson One Nation party banner in 2016 for a three year term.


Pauline Hanson invited him to resign at the beginning of June 2018 after a spectacular falling-out with his party leader. 


Conservative cross - benchers immediately began courting Mr Burston to join their loose  senate bloc alliance He was the third One Nation senator to quit the party in one term of Parliament 


Senator Hanson had accused Senator Burston of "stabbing her in the back" over the Government's proposed company tax cuts, and said he was trying to defect to other political parties.


The One Nation leader also called on him to quit Parliament — but Senator Burston has brushed that demand aside and will remain in the Upper House. In a statement, Senator Burston said it was "with a heavy heart" he had to leave the party.


"It has become clear to me that my relationship with Senator Hanson is irrevocable. The best way forward for me to represent the best interests of the constituents of NSW with honour and integrity is for me to resign from [One Nation There is no democracy in the party — every single decision made is made by Pauline Hanson, and if you don't agree then you're gone,"


Source: Stephen Dziedzic.One Nation senator Brian Burston quits party after prolonged feud with Pauline Hanson ABC News online14 Jun 2018. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-06-14/one-nation-senator-brian-burston-quits-after-pauline-hanson-feud/9868226


Later in 2018, Clive Palmerr announced that Senator Burston had joined the new formed United Australia Party to stand under a new party banner for the 2019 senate seat race.  


Re-election Prospects.


Although the transition from no name brand independent to United Australia party improves Mr Burston's re-election chances slighty, he has no chance of winning one of the six NSW senate seats available in 2019. 


Burston won just 8,216 votes as number one NSW senate ticket holder for Pauline Hanson One Nation Party (174,633) when 12 seats were in play in NSW in 2016.  In 2019 only six seats will be in play, requiring 784,211+ votes to make the quota in NSW. The United Australia party are very unlikely to win this many NSW senate votes in 2019, either by first preferences or other preference flows. See also THE BIG PICTURE chapter.




[Previously Family First cross-bench Senator]

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/image/9403772-3x2-940x627.jpg

Lucy Gichuhi: Liberal Party


[ex cross-bench senator  SA] 


The Liberal Party was gifted a senate seat for South Australia in March 2018. 


In the 2016 election, Family First Party leader Bob Day won a senate seat in South Australia. He was later deemed ineligible to hold a senate position by the High Court of Australia for bankruptcy reasons.


Lucy Gichuhi, who received only 152 votes as number two Family First party ticket holder, was elevated to the Senate in place of Bob Day. She would later be marooned when the Family First party was de-registered with the Australian Electoral Commission.


Guchuhi accepted a Simon Birmingham invitation to join the Liberal Party in March 2018. 


Re- election prospects


In 2019 only six seats will be in play, requiring 182,951 + votes to make the quota in SA. She has also be relegated to an untenable position on the SA Liberal candidate ticket for 2019.


In May 2018, Jane Norman reported that Gichuhi's political career was facing an abrupt end after only 3 months as a Liberal Party senator.


"The party's right-faction has never embraced Senator Gichuhi — a social conservative — and is moving to instal Adelaide City Councillor Alex Antic above her on the party's Senate ticket. That would push Senator Gichuhi to the fourth position, which is considered unwinnable. One source told the ABC that if Mr Antic is on the ticket, the former Family First senator would be "consigned to the dustbin"


Her loss would spark further controversy given the dearth of women — and lack of diversity — in Coalition ranks.  Assistant Minister Anne Ruston was expected to take the top spot on South Australian ticket, given her seniority, with Mr Antic and fellow conservative Senator David Fawcett battling it out for the second and third positions.


Norman reported that sorces told her the Liberals were vaguely hopeful of winning three Senate seats at the next election. This puts Gichuhi out to pasture after a very short senate career.


Source: Jane Norman. Lucy Gichuhi's political career facing abrupt end. ABC News 5 May 2018. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-15/lucy-gichuhis-political-career-facing-abrupt-end/9762808


 Gichuhi will be looking for a new career path in 2019 and may follow up her 2018 threat to “expose” sexism and bullying in the Liberal Party on the way out the door.

In May 2018,  Jane Norman reported that Gichuhi's political career was facing an abrupt end after only 3 months as a Liberal Party senator. 


"The party's right-faction has never embraced Senator Gichuhi — a social conservative — and is moving to install Adelaide City Councillor Alex Antic above her on the party's Senate ticket. That would push Senator Gichuhi to the fourth position, which is considered unwinnable'One source told the ABC that if Mr Antic is on the ticket, the former Family First senator would be "consigned to the dustbin Her loss would spark further controversy given the dearth of women — and lack of diversity — in Coalition ranks



Assistant Minister Anne Ruston was expected to take the top spot on South Australian ticket, given her seniority, with Mr Antic and fellow conservative Senator David Fawcett were battling it out for the second and third positions.


Norman reported that sorces told her the Liberals were vaguely hopeful of winning three Senate seats at the next election. This puts Gichuhi out to pasture after a very short senate career. 


Source: Jane Norman. Lucy Gichuhi's political career facing abrupt end. ABC News 5 May 2018.  https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-15/lucy-gichuhis-political-career-facing-abrupt-end/9762808



(Formerly Jacqui Lambie Network cross-bench senator) 

Source: https://i.guim.co.uk/img/media/850d62baf692826d2f4cd71f9e5af7d7c16070e9/597_55_3406_2043/master/3406.jpg?width=620&quality=85&auto=format&fit=max&s=c1dbb4022cd8ed02fe36b997c2480e6e

Steve Martin: Nationals party [ex cross-bench] senator in TAS


The Nationals were gifted a senate seat between elections when former cross-bench senator for the Jacqui Lambie Network Steve Martin joined the Nationals who posted this on their website.   


In a big win for the people of Tasmania, Senator Steve Martin has today joined The Nationals, giving the State another voice for regional communities in Government. Nationals’ Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack, who welcomed Senator Steve Martin to the party in Devonport today, said his small business, Local Government and agricultural background was a natural fit for The Nationals.


“Steve’s many years running his newsagency, restaurant and as the popularly-elected Mayor of Devonport is exactly the sort of experience Nationals’ members bring with them to Parliament,” Mr McCormack said.


Senator Martin’s decision to join the party made him the first Tasmanian member of The Nationals’ party room in more than 90 years. Senator Martin said he was excited to join The Nationals.


“I’m proud to be part of history, as the first Nationals’ Senator for Tasmania.The Nationals and re-launching the party in Tasmania will help to achieve that vision and deliver better results for Tasmanian people and our businesses.”


The Nationals’ values and passionate focus on the regions was key in Senator Martin’s decision. 


“So it made sense for me to go with The Nationals who share the same values – they are a good natural fit to pursue my political beliefs.Tasmanians are looking for better representation of rural and regional issues in Canberra – not just in agriculture but also education, health, transport and infrastructure – and The Nationals offer the best choice.


Senator Martin confirmed he will sit with the Government and help establish The Nationals in Tasmania. Martin commented - 


“I think we can gain a strong foothold in Tasmania and I’m looking forward to working with my new colleagues within the Liberal and Nationals Government to deliver better outcomes for all Australians. There is no deal to get me to join The Nationals. However I would anticipate being the number one Senate candidate at the next election for The Nationals.”


Source:The Nationals. Senator Steve Martin joins the Nationals.   Press release. 28 May 2018.  http://nationals.org.au/senator-steve-martin-joins-the-nationals/


No doubt Mr Martin will be the No1 Nationals senate ticket holder in Tasmania for the 2019 election, however it will not go much further than that. 


The Nationals are very unlikely to hold this seat for the Nationals in foreign territory and Jacqui Lambie is campaigning to "take my seat back”. HIs Nationals seat will be swallowed up by the Liberals 2nd pick candidate in Tasmania. 


Martin won 233 votes as number 2 Jackie Lambie Network senate ticket holder for TAS (16,411) when 12 seats were in play in 2016.



In 2019 only six seats will be in play - requiring 58,563 + votes to make the Quota for a seat in TAS. Tasmania is essentially foreign territory for the Nationals.


Martin would have to out vote quota Jackie Lambie, second tier Liberal and Australian Labor Party candidates and an Australian Greens candidate to retain this seat for the Nationals. He will be on a new career path by June.  See the BIG PICTURE chapter. 

The only other time Steve Martin drew media attention was after he refused to occupy the office once held by Jacqui Lambie and spent a half a million tax payers dollars refurbishing a new office in Devonport. 


Steve Martin moved his electorate office from Burnie to Devonport at a cost of $531,000 and more than $50,000 in temporary office costs after relocated.


Martin defended the cost on the basis he could better represent north-west Tasmania from his new base in Devonport and that the federal government money was spent with local businesses.


According to an answer to Senate estimates from the finance department, $46,800 was paid to rent Martin a temporary office on Best Street, Devonport from March to October.


A further $3,500 was spent on IT, and to transfer furniture and equipment. The answer, provided to a question on notice from the November estimates session, states an estimated $531,000 (excluding GST) was spent refurbishing Martin’s new office on southern Rooke Street, Devonport. That office cost $23,125 to lease from June to October and will cost a total of $171,545 to lease from November to May 2021, although the commonwealth can sublet or assign the lease to recoup costs if Martin is voted out at the 2019 election.


Martin told the ABC he requested an office in Devonport for reasons of “efficiency” and “practicality”.


“Being the only Nationals senator for Tasmania, I have to cover the whole of the state. I am better off to access the whole of the state from Devonport rather than a 40-minute drive there and a 40-minute drive back just to go to the office.This is an investment of over $500,000 of federal money coming into the state, employing local tradesmen and local businesses.”


Martin noted that the department of finance – not senators – decides the size and scope of the fit-out for electorate offices and costs are higher for parliamentarians than regular businesses due to security needs.


The Labor MP Justine Keay told the ABC she drove from Devonport to Burnie on a daily basis and it was


“a shame that taxpayers have had to spend money on outfitting a new office when there was absolutely nothing wrong with the one in Burnie. A 40-minute drive is no excuse for spending that amount.I was offered to move offices but chose not to because of costs.”


Perhaps the Liberal Party second ticket holder at the 2019 election can take over Mr Martin's Devonport office to make better use of the half million dollar refurbishment bill when he is cast off into political obscurity, avoiding trips to Burnie any time soon. 


Source: The Guardian 23 December 2018.








Background 2013 – 2017.


In the 2013 federal election, Lambie won a Tasmania Senate seat as a candidate for the Palmer United Party, receiving 6.5 % of first preference votes. However, she achieved the quota for election with second preferences.


Lambie resigned the Palmer United Party in November 2015 and became an independent Senator until she formed the Jacqui Lambie Network party in May 2015.


Ms Lambie improved on her first preference result as a PUP candidate at her second election in 2016 under her new party banner. The quota for a Tasmanian senate seat was 26,090 votes. Lambie received 28,146 first preference votes (8.3 percent) to easily retain her Senate seat. Lambie was the fourth of twelve to qualify for election. 


Sources: Australian Parliament House. Senators and members. https://www .aph.gov.au/Help/Federated_Search_Results?q=jacqui%20lamby.Australian Electoral Commission. First Preferences by Senate Group 2016.https://results.aec.gov.au/20499/Website/SenateStateFirstPrefsByGroup-20499-TAS.htm


In November 2017, Lambie disclosed a problem.


She advised that she held dual citizenship inherited from her Scottish-born father and was forced to resign her Senate seat. Lambie was replaced by Devonport Mayor Steve Martin, second on the JLN ticket in 2016. He would later refuse to step down to create a casual Senate vacancy so Lambie could be re-appointed. Martin was expelled for disloyalty and joined The Nationals.


Source: Matt Maloney. "Jacqui Lambie expels senator Steve Martin from party for denying her return to Parliament". Sydney Morning Herald. Feb 8 2018. 2019


In January 2019, Jacqui Lambie announced in an interview published in the Sunday Tasmanian that she would be standing for re-election to a Tasmanian Senate seat under her Jackie Lambie Network party flag.


Still seething at Steve Martin for “stealing” her seat from her in 2017, Jacqui announced “you could have stepped aside—I’m coming back for my seat. No bloke in Jacqui Lambie’s seat, right?”.


Source: Holly Burnes. Jacqui set for Jungle Warfare. Sunday Tasmanian, 13 Jan 2019, p.6.


Political World view


Two repeated themes in Lambie’s first role as a Tasmanian Senator often resulted in political observers placing her political world view somewhere between the rampant micro party populism of Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party and Pauline Hanson One Nation at one end of the right-wing scale and the unapologetic extreme right views of the likes of the Australian Liberty Alliance party and Cori Bernadi’s Australian Conservatives party.


Those two themes are a plain-speaking disdain for all things Chinese and all things Islam-Muslim.


This baseline approach to these groups of people is interpreted by others as either discriminatory hate speech (Australian Greens), or simply “holding people up to account” against a tide of political correctness, victimhood and identity politics which has silenced the voice of “ordinary Australians” (Australian Liberty Alliance).


If a voter is anti-Islam and/or anti-China or anti Greens they will have multiple micro party options to choose from, including Pauline Hanson One Nation, Australian Liberty Alliance and the Jacquie Lambie Network.


The advantage for Lambie is that she is anti-Greens in a State where many believe that ‘tree huggers’ have severely damaged the forestry and wood chipping industry along with the small business and employment prospects of many voters, Tasmania.


For example, between 2013 - 2017 Lambie


1    Disclosed a belief that China had intentions to invade and Australia;


2    Opposed a free trade agreement between China and Australia because of China being anti-democratic and “a bully, a thief, liar and human rights abuser”;


3     Introduced a private member bill to “ban the burqa” in Australia;


4     Described supporters of sharia law as "maniacs and depraved humans" committing "cold-blooded butchery and rapes until every woman in Australia wears a burka"; 


5      Argued that Australia should follow Donald Trump’s lead and ban entry of people from Muslim countries into Australia and deport all Muslims who support Sharia law, and


6      Likened the Greens to Islamic State saying "both those groups would like us to go back and live in the dark ages ... They'd like us to go live back in caves with candles and eat tofu."



1. "Lambie warns of Chinese invasion threat". SBS. 19 August 2014. https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2014/08/19/lambie-warns-chinese-invasion-threat-0

2 Jacqui Lambie (2015-10-09). "China Free Trade, opinion". The Advocate.

3 Latika Bourke. "Jacqui Lambie's attempt to ban the burqa could be unconstitutional, say legal experts". The Sydney Morning Herald. Fairfax Media 29 September 2014.

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6. "Jacqui Lambie likens Greens to Islamic State, saying both 'would like us to go back to the dark ages'". ABC News. 2015-07-03.


On the other hand, Lambie voted in favour of policy that the Coalition government, Pauline Hanson, the Australian Liberty Alliance and the Liberal Democratic Party would never support.


For example, increasing university funding, the Newstart Allowance Rate, Legal Aid, trade unions powers in the workplace and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).


Source: The Open Australia Foundation. Transforming democracy in Australia. Representatives and Senators: The people who vote on your behalf in Parliamenthttps://theyvoteforyou.org.au/people/senate/tasmania/jacqui_lambie


Jacqui Lambie from the Jacqui Lambie Network will vote as she sees fit, ignoring most often any attachment to either established major party lines, minor parties, populist parties or ultra conservative micro party alliances. [See below for a complete list of her Senate voting decisions collated by the Open Australia Foundation].


Ms Lambie’s media profile and the perception of many in her home State is that she was one of the genuine independent thinkers in the Parliament between 2013 – 2017 and totally unpredictable at the same time. In one moment she is lauding the decision of Julie Banks to defect from the Liberal Party over gender bullying and harassment claims and in another she is telling a radio station that her ideal man is “well hung”.



Source: Michael Safi. "Australian MP Jacqui Lambie sizes up male suitor on morning radio". The Guardian. 22 July 2014.


Re-election prospects 




Jackie Lambie won the 4th of 12 Tasmanian senate seats in 2016 with no need to concern herself with second preferences flows. She achieved the quota on first preference votes alone to be elected well over quota.


Her Bob Hawke like loveable larrikin persona alone will comfortably account for the man who “stole” her seat and would not give it back, the now National party incumbent. However, she may need to rely on preference flows to make quota this time around.








A national redress scheme for institutional abuse survivors


A Royal Commission into banking


A Royal Commission into Violence and Abuse against People with Disability


A same-sex marriage plebiscite


An emissions reduction fund


Buffer zones around abortion clinics


Building Australia’s new submarine fleet in South Australia


Continuing Detention Orders (CDOs)


Increasing funding for legal aid


Increasing funding for university education


Increasing restrictions on gambling


Increasing the Newstart Allowance rate


Maintaining or increasing CSIRO funding


Preventative Detention Orders (PDOs)


Removing children from immigration detention


Restricting foreign ownership


Strengthening gun control laws


Targeting foreign interference in Australia


The Coalition's new schools funding policy ("Gonski 2.0")


The Coalition's Youth Jobs PaTH


A review of our representatives' eligibility


Creating a federal Anti-Corruption Commission


Increasing trade unions' powers in the workplace


Implementing refugee and protection conventions


Increasing access to medicinal cannabis products


Increasing investment in renewable energy


Increasing marine conservation


Increasing protection of Aboriginal heritage sites


Increasing scrutiny of asylum seeker management


Increasing the initial tax rate for working holiday makers to 15%


Letting environmental groups challenge the legality of certain government decisions


Putting welfare payments onto restricted debit cards


Stopping tax avoidance or aggressive tax minimisation


The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)


Voluntary student union fees





Adani's proposed Carmichael coal mine in the Galilee Basin


Getting rid of Sunday and public holiday penalty rates


Increasing investment in the coal industry


Live animal exports


Maintaining or increasing defence spending


Making sanitary items GST-free


Outsourcing government services


Regional processing of asylum seekers


A carbon price


A fast transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy


Decreasing availability of welfare payments


Ending immigration detention on Manus Island


Ending immigration detention on Nauru


Giving approval for mining in the Liverpool Plains


Increasing Aboriginal land rights


Refugee family reunification


Treating government action on climate change as a matter of urgency


Unconventional gas mining


Turning back asylum boats when possible


A Free Trade Agreement with China


A minerals resource rent tax


Allocating 0.7% of Gross National Income to foreign aid


An Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC)


Changing the date of Australia Day


Changing the wording of section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act


Decreasing ABC and SBS funding


Increasing indexation of HECS-HELP debts


Increasing the initial tax rate for working holiday makers to 19% Increasing the passenger movement charge ('PMC')


Privatising government assets


Requiring every native title claimant to sign land use agreements


Technology neutral emission reduction targets


Temporary protection visas


Source: The Open Australia Foundation. Transforming democracy in Australia Representatives and Senators: The people who vote on your behalf in Parliament https://theyvoteforyou.org.au/people/senate/tasmania/jacqui_lambie















Apart from the 18 current senate cross bench members discussed here and in other chapters, there  were 10 other cross bench Senators in the departure Lounge already out of the picture by the end of 2018 


Disqualified [7]


Australian Greens senator Scott Ludlam WA: dual national with New Zealand.


Australian Greens senator Larissa Waters QLD: dual national with Canada.


Centre Alliance/NXT senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore SA: dual national with the UK.


Pauline Hanson One Nation party senator Malcolm Roberts QLD dual national with the UK.


Jaquie Lambie Network senator Jacqui Lambie TAS: dual national with the UK.


 First Senator Bob Day SA: Bankrupt ruled ineligible to be a Senator.


Pauline Hanson One Nation party senator Rod Culleton WA: Ruled ineligible by the High Court. 


Resigned (3)


Australian Greens senator Andrew Bartlett QLD: vacated seat to clear it for L.Waters.


Nick Xenephon NXT Senator SA Resigned to transfer to State politics.


Lee Rhiannon Australian Greens Senator NSW Lost Pre-selection.