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This blog is about the upcoming Federal election in Australia, slated for May 2019.


Given the substantial work I have put into each 'SECTION', it has evolved into a free online book more than it is a 'blog site'. Go ahead and click on the chapter names above to get a taste of what is happening relation to energy policy or Immigration, for example. 


IF you just want the basics, read the sections  on PREFERENCE VOTING, LIBERAL PARTY, NATIONAL PARTY, LABOR PARTY and the three last sections on THE BIG PICTURE, ELECTION POLLS and HOT SEATS. 




Politics Matters because it has a powerful influence on the world we get to share together, most often much more than we are aware of. Simple as that.


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According to Australian Election Commission [AEC] data, 16,196,450 people were registered with the AEC and entitled to vote in Federal elections on 30 September 2018.


7,698,312 of people entitled to vote were aged over 50. That is, 49.1 percent of all voters.


My 50+  generation, those who came before me, and the younger generations that came after me are all bound together in a place we call Australian society. Roughly the older and younger generations get a 50-50 say in what kind of society we want to live in, and who we want to 'run the show' on our behalf by voting at these elections. 


Source: Australian Electoral Commission. Federal Voting Entitlement-- Elector Count by Division, Age Groups and Gender for all States/Territories as at 30 September 2018.https://www.aec.gov.au/Enrolling_to_vote/Enrolment_stats/elector_count/2018/elector-count-sep-2018.pdf



Most of  us would rather watch the real MUPPET SHOW than question time in the House of Representatives, because it is funny and entertaining, at least for our children. 


Unfortunately, a different kind of "Muppet Show" was played out in our name by the current Coalition Government throughout 2018 and beyond. It was the newly Liberal Party elected Prime Minister who described the body politic in Canberra as "a Muppet Show:" which he declared was over once he was 'elected' into office. 


Political Journalist Paul Bonjouno noted that “Scott Morrison thought it was a good idea at the time when he dismissed the power plays bringing down a Liberal prime minister as “a muppet show”. But as a metaphor for a dysfunctional troupe it is proving apt”


Source: https://www.thesaturdaypaper.com.au/opinion/topic/2018/09/15/the-morrison-muppet-show/15369336006844.


Another noted “In hindsight, it wasn’t Scott Morrison’s brightest move to describe his colleagues as the Muppet Show. While no doubt many have nostalgic memories of their days watching Sesame Street, they would like to think that they have, as is the mantra of politicians, moved on”. 


Source: Mungo Maccallum: Morrison and the Strawberry Muppet Show 25 September 2018. https://independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/mungo-maccallum-morrison-and-the-strawberry-muppet-show,11928.


I will watch the Canberra Muppet show and report what happened in 2018 and in this election year as well on this site, along with other things because politics matters. 


For example, 


Mr Morrison spent much of his first weeks as Prime Minister selling a “new generation” Liberal brand claiming that


 -The factional infighting between the moderates and conservatives in the Liberal Party which saw the in-party sacking of the fourth prime minister in five years was over;


-That he was now leading a very different Liberal Party, despite making few changes to his ministerial line-up;


- He had no part in the knifing of former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull because “it was a decision of the party room”;


- Australians were not really concerned about why he was now Prime Minister and not Malcom Turnbull;


- His government would be focused on “hardworking Australians” not the “Canberra bubble” and


"The curtains have come down on that Muppet Show and an absolute new curtain has lifted up….Those events drew to a close many, many years of bitterness on a whole range of issues from previous generations,"


Source: SBS News. Curtains down on Muppet Show: PM Morrison 5 September 2018. https://www.sbs.com.au/news/curtains-down-on-muppet-show-pm-morrison.


Unfortunately for the new Prime Minister and the Liberal Party brand, it would not be long before more episodes of the ‘muppet show’ again haunted the Coalition, sometimes broadcast in the media and the Parliament two or three times a week.


The muppet show inspired PM leadership spill also regenerated a growing perception that the role, status and treatment of women in both the Liberal Party and the Nationals is problematic.I write on this issue from as objective a perspective as i can muster, although we blokes would probably be smarter most often to stay silent and listen to what women have to say about this and many other issues. 


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